Rates and Fees

Operating costs of the San Francisco Bar Pilots are 100% paid for by the corporations and ship owners who use our services. The vast majority of our customers are headquartered outside the United States.

Pilotage rates are set by California Statute codified in Chapter 5 of Division 5 of the Harbors and Navigation Code. Revenue and expenses are routinely reviewed by the California Board of Pilot Commissioners.

No tax revenues, fees, assessments or other public funding is used to provide San Francisco Bar Pilotage service.

San Francisco Bar Pilot income varies by the size and number of ships piloted, the expenses of providing the pilot service, and the number of pilots.

San Francisco Bar Pilots are classified by the IRS as self-employed partners and are responsible for typical self-employment expenses such as taxes and health care benefits.

The San Francisco Bar Pilots operate and maintain five pilot boats and have 35 employees. Twenty nine of these employees are union members who crew and support the pilot boats and provide 24/7 dispatch service to our pilots and customers. Six employees provide administrative and management services at the San Francisco Bar Pilot Station located at Pier 9 on the Embarcadero.